Calling all cheese aficionados and other food lovers!

The Maison du Brie de Meaux is waiting to welcome you!

In the heart of Meaux, cross a Brie meadow and discover Brie de Meaux PDO* in a completely essential tour!

During the tour, objects from the past and the present and staged scenes allow you find out more about the history of this famous cheese, already served on the tables of the greatest kings of France. Discover the different stages in making Brie de Meaux, from collecting the milk to maturing in the cellar, including the precise movements of the expert cheesemaker.

 *PDO : Protected Designation of Origin

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Brie de Meaux tastings

Has the tour made your mouth water, but you’re still not satisfied?
A tasting of Brie de Meaux PDO* is available every Saturday and Sunday at 11am** and at 4pm, booking required (subject to change).

** Sunday slot at 11am, only available between 1 April and 31 October.

Dégustation de Brie de Meaux en famille à la Maison du Brie de MeauxGilles Puech
Le Brie de MeauxGilles PUECH
Dégustation de Brie de Meaux à la Maison du Brie de MeauxMellie Jumelle

Events at the Maison du Brie de Meaux