A region marked by the First World War

In 1914, from 5 to 12 September, the plains of Brie were the scene of fighting in the Battle of the Marne.

Since the outbreak of war at the beginning of August, the German army had been advancing steadily, pushing back French and British troops. By September, German soldiers were only 40 kilometres from Paris! They were on the brink of victory. But history was to decide otherwise… It was the “Miracle of the Marne”.

The First Battle of the Marne: a remembrance tour

More than 100 years after this swift, deadly and decisive battle, Meaux and the surrounding area are still marked by the fighting that took place there. On the First Battle of the Marne tour, you can explore the remains of the battle, in the footsteps of the men who made history.

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The 1914 Battle of the Marne tour is:

  • A 40-kilometre tourist loop through the countryside 
  • 10 sites to explore in a landscape virtually unchanged since 1914
  • A chatbot to guide you on the trail: Ask Marion
  • 2 immersive Timescope stations to dive into the Battle of Barcy or view the tour’s symbolic sites
  • 3 bike routes
  • 2 walking routes
  • 1 fun app for learning about history through games: Marne 1914 by Furet Company
  • 1 map available free of charge from the Tourist Office or the Great War Museum
Map available from the Tourist Office and the Great War Museum

Visit the Great War Museum

And don’t forget to visit the Great War Museum!

Before or after taking the tour, don’t forget to visit the Great War Museum, Europe’s largest museum dedicated to the First World War.


Musée de la grande guerre MeauxDidier Pazery